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Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc Begins Its First 10-Acre Hops Farm Of 130

AGASSIZ SEABIRD ISLAND, BC – March 10th, 2017 – Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. (Private British Columbia Corporation) executives are pleased to announce the initial stages of an overall 130-Acre hops farm has been initiated as per their strategic business plan.  (Original News Source:  BC Beer News)

The planting of Fraser Valley Hop Farms first 10-Acres has begun in accordance with both executives and the joint venture farm share partners and their associated stake holders. Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc., currently has an overall 25-year lease on the 130-Acre farm land.

John Jenkinson, Farming Operations Manager, (Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc), said,

John Jenkinson – Farming Operations Manager

“We have our first 10 Acres underway and nearing the final stages of completion, so our primary focus is both on getting it operational and expanding to our full 130 Acres of available land. Growing hops is also part of our strategic business model. I am very excited to be working with Chilliwack Hop Farms Inc, as they have agreed to grow, harvest and transport the hops to their processing locations.”

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Starts On The First 10

The planting of the full 130 hops crop is projected to be completed mid 2018 and could be earlier. Hops harvest season comes once a year in the autumn (fall) season. Currently, Managing Director Alex Blackwell is traveling to Agassiz (near Chilliwack, British Columbia) to oversee the final stages of the company’s industrial hops operation.

Alex Blackwell, Managing Director, Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

Hops is an economical and sustainable plant which can yield a very viable crop as the typical plant-lifestyle is 25 years (Twenty-Five Years).

Alex Blackwell was quoted saying “Hops resurgence in the Province has put Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. ahead of the curve.”

Shane Douglas Toews, Marketing Director for the farm has been personally creating a marketing buzz within local BC communities for the last 2 years now. This successful model has been implemented into Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. strategy of building and growing hop varieties to supply the local craft and international craft beer boom. Each 1 acre of Hops is projected to yield an expected 1200lbs on their first year of production with an average of 1500lbs on following years.  A maximum expected harvest yield of up to 1800lbs throughout the plant’s 25 year life-cycle.

Shane Toews, Marketing Director – Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.

Shane Toews continued, “We have already started on our first 10-acre of hops producing land and strategically growing hop varieties that fit the criteria of our customers. Partnering with local business owners as part of our farm share agreement has allowed us to expand at a rapid pace producing unlimited business opportunities for the company. I’m confident we are on the fact track to soon be one of the largest hops farms within Canada.”

To see an example of this, you can visit the website www.fraservalleyhopfarms.com

As mentioned in a recent press release, the owners of Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. Have created a processing facility under the name Monkey Business Brewery Ltd also known as WestBrew.ca. (Wort (/ˈwɜːrt/) is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugars that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol. – Wikipedia). The manufacturing of this product will add additional support to local craft breweries further strengthening our relationships with local breweries.

In addition, Monkey Business Brewery – WestBrew.ca has been actively seeking to expand in a possible industrial facility near the city of Chilliwack as the company is experiencing an increased hops buyers demand and rapid industry growth.

“Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.” is capturing the historic monumental re-creation of Fraser Valley Hops Farming as Canada begins to evolve into sustainable hops farming, what many see as the next grow local revolution.

First 10-Acre Hops Farm

Hops are a durable plant that is grown and used for the creation and brewing process in thousands of recipes around the world. Hops can be grown without the heavy use of pesticides and only require a decent supply of water, something the Fraser Valley geographical region has no shortage of.

For more information about Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc., please reach out to their customer relations department via https://www.fraservalleyhopfarms.com/contact/

Social Media:  https://www.facebook.com/fraservalleyhopfarms/

Written By:  Shane Douglas Toews
Phone:  +1-778-939-6535

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