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Alex Blackwell

Working with international leadership teams, Alex Blackwell clarifies the path from where we are today to where we want to be in the future. In doing so, Alex eases the complexity that growth often brings, allowing leaders to focus more time on building their businesses and spend less time in the weeds.

By leveraging transformational business tools, processes, and principles, he helps leaders grow their organizations faster, more efficiently and with greater agility.


Our Approach

Supporting the strategic approach to business development through coordination of research on issues, countries, clients, partners and competitors, and market intelligence gathering;  Supporting the development of new and maintenance of existing client relationships through interactions with clients during the business development cycle.

Tracking and assessing new project opportunities and pro-actively contributing to marketing efforts to build a pipeline of high quality business opportunities;

Meet Alex & Teya Blackwell

 Independently leading proposal development;
Identifying potential consultants and developing a pool of strategically important technical skills;

Teya Blackwell

Teya Blackwell | Business Development Director

Teya is our dynamic and high energy addition to the farm, and helps to maintain communication with management and those who hold an equity ownership position in the company. Teya Blakwell has maintained a trusted reputation for excellence in business Development maintaining a core value.

"A company is only as innovative as the people who work there. We make sure that every person we hire must “raise the ordinary” within the company. This guarantees that the quality of our people continues to improve over time which in effect improves our business process."


Built To Last

"Working with the recruitment team to identify suitable consultants for bids, undertaking negotiations, and finalizing contracting arrangements."

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